Thinking In Green

The United Nations tells us we have 12 years left until climate change becomes irreversible. Headlines like this flood in: of deniers and outspoken supporters, rays of hope and bleak forecasts, of commitments held and broken. Climate change awareness is gaining traction as researchers and activists fight for recognition of the urgent need for concerted global action, but the progress made towards policy agreement is eclipsed by news of the UN accelerated time-limit and environmental promises abandoned by the US, Brazil, and others.

TEDxWarwick, for our second event of the year, calls together different sectors and brings them under the lens of environment, to go further than just recognition of the immense problem facing us - to look for innovation, solutions, and hope - can technology help limit environmental damage? How can we re-use waste to economize production processes and reverse current trends? We invite our speakers, and audience, not only to believe the assertions about the urgency of major change, but to work our way towards practical, creative responses, and to think: of problems, of answers, and of the future - in green.

The speakers

We haven't announced any speakers for this event yet. Stay tuned for further details!