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Fear. It’s not your favourite word, is it? Those four little letters conjure up a different response in all of us. Perhaps they illicit a childhood memory you’ve tried too hard to shake. Perhaps it’s the fear of speaking out that you’re fighting to overcome. Or maybe you’re undergoing an ongoing battle with fear and anxiety right now.

Whatever it is, you wouldn’t be where you are today if you hadn’t overcome your fears before – and that is what this salon is all about. Our fears make us who we are. They’re a necessary part of you. But that doesn’t mean they should control you. Our speakers will be taking us on a series of personal triumphs over fear, leaving you able to understand that pesky emotion from all angles. By the event’s end, we hope you will be better equipped to overcome anything that is bothering you right now.
On October 23rd, join us and stand in the face of fear.

The Speakers
Avril Grant
Life Coach

Avril Grant is a certified Life Coach and has certification in various behavioural developmental tools.

Avril’s love for human potential has led her to design and deliver bespoke training for various companies in different sectors. She has formed her organisation AVision for Empowerment, a social enterprise that provides specialised training programmes for the empowerment and development of individuals towards personal and professional achievements.

Her robust belief in the potential of all people and importance of self-belief has even led her to work within the Criminal Justice Sector in partnership with many large prime organisations, transforming attitudes and leading delegates along the road to desistance and to achieve long term career success.

Matt Lindley
Ex RAF Royal Squadron Pilot


Matt Lindley is an airline and ex RAF Royal Squadron Pilot. He shares his story of being one of the first openly gay pilots in the armed forces, a story of self-motivation, determination and drive which led to his dream of joining the RAF fulfilled.

In 1995 he was selected to be a pilot in the Royal Air Force. Matt was one of the first openly gay pilots in the RAF, with his childhood dream of joining almost being crushed by the ban on gay personnel joining the forces. He describes how the RAF adapted its culture from one of hostility towards gay personnel to acceptance and support, using his experience to highlight the benefits of transformational leadership and positive cultural change to the well-being of employees and the productivity of an organisation.

Sam Owen


Well-being Coach

Sam Owen is a leading relationships and mental well-being coach, psychologist, BBC contributor and published author who frequently works as a relationship expert for big brands and media.


Sam is known for helping clients overcome long-standing, chronic issues in just a handful of coaching sessions that progress clients would ordinarily achieve after a much lengthier counselling programme, using her unique science-backed approach.

Andrew Brierley
Motivational Speaker

Andi Brierley was a victim of a cruel and unforgiving social justice system. In and out of social services, Andi's lack of positive role models got him kicked out of school, immersed in drug trafficking and sent to prison all by the age of 17.

Now working for Leeds Youth Offending Service, Andi now works to make sure that young people don't make the same mistakes that he did.

With an inspirational and empowering story, Andi will discuss how an absence of fear in traditionally terrifying circumstances led him to go down a poor path in life.

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