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Uncharted Territories

Throughout our lives, we are faced with numerous decisions, and making these decisions isn't always a simple task. When we think of steering out of our comfort zone or taking the road less travelled by, we may think of fear and uncertainty. What if we flipped that narrative? What if, once we dared to wander through these uncharted territories, we would find that the rewards are even more fulfilling than we’d ever dreamed of?

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“Legacies” 2023 will bring together a collection of talks which will reflect on the lessons of the past, empower the audience of the present, and envisage a better future for all. Through ground-breaking ideas and inspirational stories, TEDxWarwick annual conference will answer the question: what legacy do we want to leave behind?

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Hosted by Robbie Lyle, TEDxWarwick presents ‘CHECKMATE’. This conference showcases inspiring stories of speakers who have faced hurdles, challenges, and have come out as winners every time. Be inspired by those haven't let their obstacles define them, and instead have played Checkmate to all the curve balls they've faced. These are their stories and their moments – the ones that have made them who they are. Now it's time to make your move.

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The past few years have certainly been difficult and demanding for all of us, with glimmers of hope and resilience being met only with further hardship and sacrifice.


TEDxWarwick aims to look beyond the horizon to guide and inspire us to overcome some of the greatest challenges our planet has faced with student speakers from our very own University of Warwick. 




In collaboration with GLOBUS Warwick, TEDxCountdown is a global initiative to champion and accelerate solutions to the climate crisis, turning ideas into action. 


The clock is ticking and the planet is not waiting. #JoinTheCountdown with TEDxWarwick for a greener, healthier and more sustainable future.

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Press Play

First student salon of the year. Exploring the importance of representation and activism, the relationship between technology and geopolitics and the power of community in changing the world.




Revival 2021 is a collection of online TEDx talks which will explore the challenges we face today, and offer creative solutions to overcome them. 


Given the impact that COVID-19 had on lives, livelihoods and local communities, this online series aimed to host speakers with uplifting, inspirational and innovative visions of a brighter future. 


As TEDxWarwick's very first all-online conference, Revival 2021 offered a unique version of our annual series and redefined the notion of a TEDxWarwick event.



TEDx From Home

TEDx From Home is a brand new online series from TEDxWarwick, which aims to provide comprehensive and stimulating conversations through online video discussions.

With TEDx From Home, TEDxWarwick embarks on a new path to amplify voices with valuable ideas. We believe that 2020 should be a year of change. That is why we are dedicating our new online series to drawing attention to pressing global issues and possible solutions.

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Creativity within Crisis

Creativity. Innovation. Creation. The crises shaping our society have served to spur on so many young and impassioned individuals to seek a solution and encourage change in so many aspects of life. TEDxWarwick believes that it is this creative resolve and dedicated perseverance in the face of adversity that will aid humanity as we enter a fraught new decade.

Creativity, and the results it inspires, will be the ultimate decider in whether our future thrives, or falls apart at the seams. Tick, tick, tick…




In the ever-changing and fast paced world in which we live, we don’t often get time to consider the direction we’re going in: what does the blueprint of our future look like?











Fear. It’s not your favourite word, is it? Those four little letters conjure up a different response in all of us. Perhaps they illicit a childhood memory you’ve tried too hard to shake. Perhaps it’s the fear of speaking out that you’re fighting to overcome. Or maybe you’re undergoing an ongoing battle with fear and anxiety right now.




We at university often find ourselves at a similar crossroads with the need to make a decision about our future: what job do we want? What kind of person do we want to be? What do we see for our future?



Architects of Tomorrow

TEDxWarwick will be hosting the minds behind 3D printing bones, flying taxis and electric airplanes, the biggest cyber security company in the world, the biggest portfolio of social medias in the world (Apple, Nike, Amazon, …). But also, an EMMY award movie director, the foremost space lawyer, a serial entrepreneur, a crypto currency creator, the chairman of Slowfood UK, and much more…



In Focus

We all have moments when we lose track of our identity. We forget about our goals, disconnect from our roots, send our priorities into disarray; experiences tumble out of our hands and out of control, and we learn nothing from them.



Thinking in Green

The United Nations tells us we have 12 years left until climate change becomes irreversible. Climate change awareness is gaining traction as researchers and activists fight for recognition of the urgent need for concerted global action.



By Design

How can the design of a desk or lampshade change the way we work? Can we design a language that can be understood by every human on the planet? Should our democracies be redesigned to return back to their true purpose?



Dare to Defy

Defiance. Refusing to obey. Striding into the unknown. In today’s society, we face a plethora of expectations, stereotypes, and standards which impede the development of our individuality. But what if we rejected these externally imposed conditions? What if we defied societal standards? What if we chose to live free of expectations?

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