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The Team


The Coordinators oversee TEDxWarwick as a whole. It is predominantly their job to fashion a society which speakers, audiences and members are excited about, and, finally, enable talks which will outlast this year’s Exec.

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The Treasurer is responsible for managing the finances of the society, this includes budget scenarios, delegating funds to different teams as well as handling reimbursements for members.

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The Technical team is responsible for the management of the website, maintenance of the systems we use to collaborate, as well as the live event production including lighting, filming, audio and visuals. They also take care of editing the recorded TEDxWarwick talks to be published on the official TEDx YouTube Channel.

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The Marketing team is responsible for advertising our "Ideas Worth Spreading" whether that be through interactive stores, posts or stalls at the piazza. You'll surely see them around campus promoting TEDxWarwick in their own unique ways.

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Corporate Relations

The Corporate Relations team is responsible for managing our relationships with sponsors, partners and other societies, to expand our financial scope and contribution to the wider community year after year.

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The Operations team ensures the flawless working of TEDxWarwick by organising the venue, catering, ticketing and volunteer management. They ensure that all logistics are in order so that our events can run smoothly.

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The Publications team works on everything from speaker interviews and newsletters, to new article series and multimedia content. They give audiences and speakers an insight into our talks and events, and capture the wider world they're produced in, building upon over a decade's worth of work.

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The Content team is responsible for the selection and the preparation of speakers for our main conference and salon events. They work closely with speakers on script development to ensure they deliver the best talk of their life and you can enjoy the most inspiring conference ever!

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The Creative team focuses on creating all the graphical and visual elements for our upcoming events to a professional standard. Other aspects covered within the Creative team include digital photography, video shooting and editing, creating posters and flyers for digital and physical marketing, stage and magazine design, and TEDxWarwick merchandise creation.

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