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In the ever-changing and fast paced world in which we live, we don’t often get time to consider the direction we’re going in: what does the blueprint of our future look like?
Our TEDxWarwick2020 Student Salon urges you to take a step back and join us on a different kind of experience.

Together with 3 incredible student speakers, we want to stop and reconsider our future - what are we doing to prepare ourselves for the foundations of our and future generation? From talking about the vegan movement to the identity crisis we face as creative and corporate people, our speakers will dare to challenge conventions of society and our thoughts on big issues of our generation. We challenge you to join us on the most radical journey we will go on this year: mapping our future.

The speakers
Joshua Varughese | Student 

Joshua talks on the importance of public speaking and providing access to groups of students who are often underheard but can be the catalysts for important change in the community.

As the founder of The Connector Movement, a student-led organisation promoting debating and public-speaking events around the world, he believes speaking confidently provides power to people. He will discuss the recent projects The Connector Movement has launched and how we can break traditional barriers by talking.

 Cassylda Augusto Rodrigues | Student

Cassylda, also known as Cass Speaks, is a second-year International Business student and Spanish student as well as poet. With several published poetry anthologies and a youtube channel, she is also pioneering Warwick’s first Inspire + conference to ensure equal access to higher education and careers for students from minority backgrounds.

Her talk will focus on the difficulties she faces being a black creative and corporate woman and the complexities of pursuing multiple passions.


Her desire is for all people to be able to maintain a single identity, rather than having to diverge into multiple identities, and being able to occupy whatever space they wish without having to change to adapt to it.

Christos Alexandrou | Student

Christos, an aspiring economist, presents his research on what he believes to be the most pressing issue facing future generations and our society today: the infamous vegan diet and its health benefits.

As a first-year Economics student, fresher rep within Warwick Finance Society and an avid debater, his talk will make for a fascinating, researched and enlightening part of our 2020 Student Salon.

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