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Welcome Back

It’s about time we check in, eh?

You should find this blog post very exciting (well, at least we do) for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it marks the launch of our new blog, operating solely on our main website, as we now look to bring all TEDxWarwick content and publications to one place for you. As for the old blog posts and articles, don't worry. They're still on our Medium platform, which you can easily access from our blog page or by clicking here. Secondly, we are excited to welcome you back and to preview what TEDxWarwick has coming up!

So, what's there to look forward to? As you may already know if you follow us on social media, TEDxWarwick are launching an all-new online series called TEDxFromHome. In a series of thorough and stimulating interviews, TEDxFromHome embarks on a new path to facilitate conversation and share ideas worth spreading, focusing this time on pressing global issues and potential solutions. To catch the first episode of TEDxFromHome, you can view it from the TEDxFromHome page. Do keep an eye on our social media and website, as we are looking to release multiple interviews across the coming months!

Complimenting the brand new web series TEDxFromHome, TEDxWarwick will be launching our first blog series on the new website called TEDxFromHome: Pause&Rewind. This blog series will take deep dives into topics raised in the interview, and therefore aim to encourage and facilitate further discussion and study of the week’s theme. The first of our TEDxFromHome: Pause&Rewind series will be released this week, and will focus on the ever-pressing issue of punishing racism in football.

This is only the beginning of the new TEDxWarwick blog. Fresh themes, topics and ideas will be made available to you throughout the academic year, so make sure to keep up to date with TEDxWarwick through our website and all our social media channels. Please stay safe and healthy and, please, enjoy our content!

Stay up to date with TEDxWarwick through our website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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1 Comment

Justin Sim
Justin Sim
Jul 25, 2020

Hi Robert and the TEDxWarwick team, I would like to inquire if there is a way for me to get in touch to make a report on a speaker on your event. Thanks in advance for the assistance.

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