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Let's Level Up: Varun Balsara on being a "human entrepreneur"

Have you ever found yourself panicking about the future? Panicking that everyone seems much more prepared than you? Panicking that you are not good enough?

You are not alone.

This is what inspired Varun Balsara. At Warwick Balsara found himself overwhelmed, worried about the traditional paths of ‘internship,’ ‘spring week,’ etcetera. He quickly realised the status quo was not people-centric, rather it favoured the interests of corporate conglomerates, at the expense of real people and their interests. Balsara set out to change this.

Let’s dig deeper…

At the heart of his vision are ideas. If we want people to succeed in pursuing their own passions, Balsara explained to me in an interview, we “need to help people build meaningful knowledge-based relationships.” If anyone has ever met Balsara, they will know that this is a phrase he keeps coming back to, for good reason. It is the guiding force of his entrepreneurial spirit, and evident in both ‘Let’s Level Up’ and his first initiative ‘Connect Warwick,’ a well-known campus organisation.

All this sounds well and good, but what does ‘Let’s Level Up’ do? In our interview I asked him just this. His response was quick to the point “Our goal is to help people monetise their passions.” In practice, Balsara explained, Let’s Level Up is a platform that enables knowledge creators to build profitable learning “academies” with intelligent recommendations.

It is abundantly clear that Balsara has been successful in his goal of “levelling up knowledge-based communities.” He hosted an Apple Top-20 podcast, he has created a long-lasting legacy with Connect Warwick on campus, and, of course, Let’s Level Up is thriving. However impressive his achievements, Balsara is keen to point out to me that his journey has only just started.

In due course, Balsara’s TEDxWarwick talk will be released. Having witnessed it in person, I highly recommend giving it a watch. But, for now, I’ll give you a brief overview. Balsara’s talk reflects on his deeply personal journey, from panic attacks to covid. It reflects on the importance of making an impact all while providing a crash course on the core skills to success.

This is definitely not one to miss…

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