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Apply to perform at LEGACIES!

Calling all musicians, dancers, comedians, poets - all performers out there!

We all experience life very differently. There are highs, lows – good moments, and challenging ones. Getting through the difficulties and continuing to move forward might not be easy, but it's always achievable.

TEDxWarwick presents ‘LEGACIES’. Our annual Conference will bring together a collection of talks which will reflect on the lessons of the past, empower the audience of the present, and envisage a better future for all. Through ground-breaking ideas and inspirational stories, TEDxWarwick annual conference will answer the question: what legacy do we want to leave behind?

We’re looking for talented individuals or groups to perform at LEGACIES. This is your chance to showcase your talent at an official TEDx event.

Your performance does not necessarily need to be related to the theme, but you can if you want!

Fill out the form below to apply. Good luck!

LEGACIES Performer Application

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