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An introduction

Inspired by the ethos of “ideas worth spreading”, TEDxWarwick aims to spark change on a local and global scale. We are an award-winning, fully student-run organisation, putting on annual TEDx style events at the University of Warwick.

Our inspiration for TEDxWarwick was simple: why not empower students and members of the local community to share new ideas and visions of the future? We contacted TED in the autumn of 2008, just as the TEDx initiative was born, and by February 2009, TEDxWarwick was proud to host one of the very first TEDx conferences in the world.


Latest blog posts


Highlights from Revival 2021

Temple Grandin1.jpg

Why the world needs all kinds of minds
Dr Temple Grandin joins TEDxWarwick to explore how people with Autism, ADHD and Dyslexia were crucial to some of humankind's greatest achievements.





The secret weapon against pandemics that nobody wants to talk about
Prominent YouTuber and Podcaster Alex O'Connor puts forward the case for a future free of factory-farming.





Hitchhiking, galaxies, and why travel is not bad for the planet
Travel Editor of Vanity Fair and award-winning writer Michelle Jana Chan recounts her journeys across continents and what the future may hold for travellers.




Life after my lockdown
Raphael Rowe tells the story of how he spent 12 years in prison for murder and robbery - crimes he did not commit. After a decade of psychological trauma, Rowe explores the power of hope in the darkest of times.



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Climate lessons we taught children but didn’t learn ourselves
Commissioner Virginijus explores the role that the EU Green Deal has in achieving a more circular and sustainable economy for a greener future.




Searching for a child in a private world
How do we ensure child safety in an increasingly private world? Sarah Gardner argues that to stop online child abuse, we must redefine our notion of privacy.