Why is Gender Identity so Important?

Rikki Arundel
TEDxWarwickSalon (Identity)

In 2002 after a life long struggle with her gender identity, Rikki Arundel decided to change her gender, a decision that brought her successful speaking career in financial services technology to an abrupt halt. Faced with considerable discrimination, she changed her field of expertise, completing a masters degree in Gender Research at Hull University and establishing herself as a diversity expert. She has spent the past decade delivering transgender awareness and other gender related training to mostly public sector organisations, and developing her website at www.gendernetwork.com.

Why is my Gender Identity so important? Think for a moment about how you might describe someone. Now - what if you didn’t know their gender? How would that change your description? How would it change their identity? Rikki will be taking us on a journey into the world between genders to explore how we can break from the prison of gender identity.

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