Undermining the merchants of body hatred

Roanna Mitchell
TEDxWarwickSalon (Identity)

Roanna Mitchell discusses one of the fundamental aspects of our sense of identity — our relationship with our body — and why we need more than the instruction to ‘love your body’ to combat body hatred.

Roanna Mitchell is artistic director for AnyBody, the UK chapter of local-global initiative Endangered Bodies, and co-founder of the Shape Your Culture project. Since 2010 she has been working with AnyBody’s team, including founder Dr Susie Orbach, to combat the generation of body hatred as a means to make profit. Their work includes dialogue with individuals, grassroots organizations, government, the UN, educators and industry.

Since 2012 Roanna has coordinated the Shape Your Culture project, linking up with thousands of women and men of all ages to resist the exploitation of our bodies. Roanna works as a lecturer at the University of Kent, the Central School of Speech and Drama, and Goldsmiths. Her doctoral research examined the body politics involved in training for, and working in, the acting profession. She has published work on the actor’s aesthetic labour.

As a performance maker and movement artist Roanna is based in the UK and works internationally. She is associate artist with east coast artists (ECA) and co-founder of artists’ collective Allied Productions.

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