Playful Evolution

Maria Saridaki
TEDxWarwick 2014

Maria studies games in their different applications within and beyond the digital world. She is a game studies researcher of the Laboratory of New Technologies at the University of Athens where she works on new, playful environments and studies the experience of users with and without disability. Maria is also the co-founder of Athens Plaython ( Together with the Athens Plaython community, she has been organizing street gaming festivals, playful and inclusive experiences, as well as game design workshops. Maria helped to design playful and inclusive experiences to foster creativity, learning and communication in urban or digital settings and her work has been presented at festivals, conferences and museums around Europe. In 2011, she organized the first exhibition of “serious” digital games in Athens, in 2012 she co-hosted the first Global Game Jam in Greece and in 2013 curated the Talks section of Athens Plaython.

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