GravityLight: Lighting a Billion Lives

Jim Reeves
TEDxWarwick 2014

Jim Reeves is a London based designer and along with Martin Riddiford he has spent four years developing a light that would provide a viable alternative to kerosene and sun-powered lamps for developing nations. GravityLight™ works by harnessing the power of weight and gravity, it is easy to run, low-energy, battery free and also, cheaper than solar lighting. GravityLight’s creators are looking to test and begin mass-production on this innovative design, in the hopes of brightening peoples’ lives when it gets dark.

GravityLight™ is an important development because 60% of female, adult, non-smokers, are getting lung cancer from inhaling the fumes of commonly-used kerosene lamps. Designed specially for people in Africa and India with no access to mains electricity, the lamp generates enough energy for half an hour of light when holding weight for just a few seconds.

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