The "Perfect" Citizen

Kristina Cranfeld
TEDxWarwick 2014

Kristina Cranfeld born in Uzbekistan (formerly USSR) is a London based artist and filmmaker. She took her Bachelors degree at Goldsmiths and went on to obtain a Masters degree at the Royal College of Art. Her work is a combination of speculative narratives, performances and social experiments, which investigate and challenge societal and political systems and their impact on human lives.

Largely concerned with immigration and human identity, Kristina’s work is presented through films, installations, photographs and live performances. She continuously experiments with these mediums, finding unconventional techniques to tell and capture compelling visions. Through her work she explores how the creative disciplines can influence complex political issues and the future of policymaking, believing that there is space to engage and contribute to socio-economic matters affecting migrants.

Her works were exhibited internationally and published by WeMakeMoneyNotArt and Blueprint, amongst other publications, and continue to be selected for screenings at a number of international films festivals, with her most recent film being added to the library collections of LADA.

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