We all live in awareness of the conflicts

They shape the world around us, but how often do we question what the word means for the 21st century? The identity of conflict is dominated by a collection of contentious issues: war, religion, terror. Each of these words contains shades of what ‘conflict’ is, but none capture its essence.

For our second Salon of the year, TEDxWarwick is inviting four leading university lecturers to deliver talks inspired by their own research expertise. We aim to look at the implications of conflict when viewed through different disciplines, evaluate the challenges it presents, and contextualise what exactly it means for us to confront the Conflicts of a Changing World.

TEDxWarwickSalon: Conflicts of a Changing World is a free event. Registration opens 45 minutes before the advertised start time; please register early to avoid disappointment as there are a limited number of seats available.

The Speakers

Charlotte Heath-Kelly

Charlotte is an Associate Professor and Researcher of the Politics and International Studies Department of the University of Warwick. Her research themes include post-disaster reconstruction; critical security studies and critical terrorism studies; and counterterrorism in the UK and USA.

Currently, Charlotte is the Principal Investigator on the Leverhulme Trust project titled The Political Life of Rubble: Bombsite Relics and Cosmopolitan Identity. The project explores the way bombsite objects afford a symbolic status as relics across time, from the World War II to the War on Terror.

Charlotte's talk will explore the motivations of terrorism, as identified through her interviews with members of EOKA (a terrorist organization based in Cyprus).

Steven Kettell

Steven is an Associate Professor of the Politics and International Studies Department here at the University of Warwick. A published author as well as a renowned speaker, Steven is the co-founder and executive editor of British Politics, a journal dedicated to promoting research in British political studies. Steven's core research interests revolve around the politics of secularism, non-religion, and the role of religion within the public sphere.

His talk will therefore be addressing the role religion plays in warfare and will question society's habit of hastily blaming religion for conflict.

Vivek Furtado

Dr. Vivek Furtado is an Associate Clinical Professor of Forensic Psychiatry and Principal Investigator in the Mental Health and Wellbeing unit at Warwick. In addition, he is a member of an EU-COST programme, which seeks to achieve collaborative expertise across EU countries in psychiatric settings.

After completing his Masters in Health Policy, Planning and Financing, Vivek worked at the Prime Minister's Strategy Unit in the Cabinet Office looking at Mental Health Policy. He was awarded an NIHR Academic Clinical Fellowship to research long-term forensic care, engaging in various projects surrounding forensic psychiatry, adolescent and old age psychiatry, prison psychiatry, health economics, terrorism, and radicalisation.

With such an exceptional track record, we are excited to hear Vivek talking on radicalisation and individual tendencies towards terrorist acts of violence.

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