The TEDxWarwick 2018 Team


The Coordinators overlook the whole TEDxWarwick process, keeping track of all the teams and the work that needs doing to make the events successful. This includes running team meetings, ensuring everyone knows their roles and are happy with how TEDxWarwick is being run, as well as looking out for the audience and what goes into making it the best conference on campus.

Eleanor BlackleyCo-Coordinatorhas been in the team for a couple of years now, having been TEDxWarwick 2017 Treasurer and acting Director of Corporate Relations. She loves the logistical side of event management, ensuring that every detail is taken into consideration. TEDxWarwick is about creating a sense of community, both within the team and surrounding those who watch and wonder from afar, and Eleanor really hopes the TEDxWarwick 2018 can achieve just that.

Brinda GulatiCo-Coordinatorbelieves that what TEDxWarwick carries on is a legacy—of forging a family within and outside TEDxWarwick, of being committed to the ethos of spreading innovation and ideas; and believing that the smallest of voices can make the biggest difference. She strives for TEDxWarwick 2018 to build further on its brand, but moreover, become a benchmark for years to come—for its community, for its growing reach, and for any student with an idea worth spreading.


The Operations team is responsible for the flawless execution of TEDxWarwick events. It is responsible for coordinating the strategic, operational and administrative aspects, and is responsible for everything from venue management, organising logistics, recruiting volunteers, coordinating registration and ensuring that all events are planned out in extreme detail. The Operations team works extensively with other teams in order to make sure all events are held at an impeccable standard.

Luke KockDirector of Operationshas experience in large scale event management and an ardent passion for combining creativity with efficient thinking. TEDxWarwick therefore seemed like the perfect opportunity to put his skills to the test, where Luke hopes to make this year's conference one of the most smoothly run events ever held at the university.

Kristina SarkisovaVice Director of Operationssees TEDxWarwick as a platform where people are able to voice unique ideas, and challenge previously held beliefs and prejudices. Having previously managed organisational processes, from the pre-planning stages to the actual events themselves, Kristina joined TEDxWarwick to take on the new challenges and demands it will involve.

Corporate Relations

The Corporate Relations team is responsible for acquiring sponsors for the society. By initiating contact very early on in the process, they ensure that the society has sufficient funds to be able to run effectively prior to the main event. Duties include researching, emailing, calling and meeting potential sponsors, as well as ensuring that our current partners' needs are being fulfilled. The Corporate Relations team is also in charge of both the booths in the foyer area of the main event, and press presence, both of which are organized further on in the academic year.

Alejandra RuvinskyDirector of Corporate Relationsjoined TEDxWarwick due to the immensely diverse and enlightening nature of both the team and the work done, and wanted to contribute to such a community. By combining her passion for both written and verbal communication, as well as persuasive writing, she is eager to continue to contact potential partners in order to make them aware of what TEDxWarwick has to offer.

Lorenzo EderoneVice Director of Corporate Relations and TED Talk enthusiastjoined TEDxWarwick after feeling inspired by the talks delivered during Breaking Boundaries in 2017, and wanted to play his part in organising the largest student-run conference in Europe. He found the responsibility of coordinating the team that secures sponsorships and funding for such a large, complex event very exciting, and thought that it was the best way for him to combine his love for the TED ethos with his passion for business and innovation.


The Creative team is responsible for the visual branding of TEDxWarwick. This includes all graphic design of print and digital promotional material; conference logos; the magazine; the physical design of both stage and venue; as well as media-related content such as video and digital photography. Closely knitted with other teams, the Creative team upholds the professional standard of eloquent and innovative design for all TEDxWarwick publicity and communication, with the aim of creating visual vehicles that are no less ground-breaking and powerful than the ideas being carried.

Una DuCreative Directorbelieves TEDxWarwick to be the perfect playground for practising outrageous creativity, industry level design skills, and seamless teamwork. Excited by the challenges and enthralling opportunities that one encounters, Una regards the Creative team's working process to be an extraordinary opportunity to foster one's ability to visually translate and transcend assigned themes and ideas, while having a hand in spreading impactful messages that are worth being seen and heard.

Nandini MeenakshiDeputy Creative Directoris passionate about originality and thinking outside of the box. Nandini grew up watching TED talks and incorporated elements of what she learnt from them into her life along the way, which is why she decided to join the Creative team this year to help paint the world red, black and white!


The Marketing team is responsible for digital and physical marketing. This includes managing TEDxWarwick's social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, which keep the community updated with the amazing events TEDxWarwick holds throughout the year. In addition, the team is also responsible for various physical marketing campaigns, which entails advertising events on the screens around campus, displaying posters, flyering and organising innovative stalls. Make sure to follow TEDxWarwick on all our social media accounts to get first insights on theme, speaker and ticket releases!

Tomiwa OmoyinmiDirector of Marketingbelieves that through interacting and engaging with different people to encourage them to come to the best conference on campus, as officially named by the university, the Marketing team can bring ground-breaking ideas to a greater proportion of the community. TEDxWarwick is all about giving a voice and platform to those who have ideas to share; thus we can all learn, grow and develop by listening to each other.

Orsola RobastoVice Director of Marketingjoined TEDxWarwick because she wanted to support and contribute to the spread of powerful ideas, reminding people of the incredible potential difference they can make in the world. This is what she does in the Marketing team, sharing her passion and enthusiasm for TEDxWarwick with as many people as possible so as to make sure that everyone may join and actively engage with the community.


The Content team is responsible for inviting speakers to deliver talks at TEDxWarwick. This includes the main conference as well as our TEDxWarwickSalon events. This process involves researching speakers, sending out invitations and hosting speakers at the event. Throughout this process, individual team members work with individual speakers, and then collectively read, review and adjust their talks through collaborative script development. The Content team strives to find the best speakers possible, and aims to give a platform to those who haven't done a TED talk before.

Janvi AhujaDirector of Contentdiscovered TED during her primary education and used it as a starting point to trigger curiosity about topics she would otherwise find confusing and inaccessible. Janvi joined the Content team to take on the responsibility of finding ground-breaking content, as well as to provide those who pioneered these ideas a platform to connect with an audience and leave them more curious about the world.

Prahalad PrasadContent Executivehas always loved TED talks, and wanted to be a part of the team responsible for their content. The Content team is given the freedom to invite speakers from all backgrounds to suit the direction of the conference, thus Praha chose to apply to TEDxWarwick as it's a great way to meet people and engage with some of the best speakers in the world.

Iulia BucurContent Executivedescribes TEDxWarwick as a melting pot of ideas, team-work and life lessons, and believes in the power of each talk to make a real difference in the local community and beyond. Iulia thus made the decision to join the Content Team, which builds upon her dedication to research, curate and communicate.


The Publications team is responsible for producing all written content that reaches our members and conference attendees. This includes the weekly TEDxWarwick Blog, which covers a variety of issues within different disciplines that are important to us on both a personal and societal level; the creation and formulation of content for the annual TEDxWarwick Magazine; as well as newsletters, flyer text and speaker biographies. On top of this, the Publications team also interviews the speakers of TEDxWarwickSalon events and the main conference, brought in from all around the world.

Samantha ReeveDirector of Publicationsfeels that the team encompasses her two main passions in life—writing, and inspiring others with the art of being different. Being able to communicate ideas from the depths of one’s imagination into relatable, groundbreaking talks resonates highly with the changes she wants to see in the world, therefore, leading the team which translates these ideas into words felt like the role she was always meant to take on.

Ieva ZvinakyteVice Director of Publicationswas attracted to the idea of becoming a part of TEDxWarwick after attending its Breaking Boundaries conference, which proved to be one of the greatest perspective-changing experiences during her time at Warwick. Publications was a natural choice for her, as she profoundly believes in the power of the written word to disseminate ideas and reach the minds and souls of a wide audience.


The Technical team ensures that all equipment and online services are running smoothly. This includes the production aspects of events and conferences, TEDxWarwick's ever-evolving website, and the many systems used internally by the entire team. On top of this, the Technical team is also responsible for producing the videos taken of the talks delivered at our events, which are available on the TEDxTalks YouTube channel. Look out for our brand new website, coming early 2018.

Matt CosterTechnical Directorjoined the team this year as he felt it was a fantastic opportunity to contribute to the mission of TED—making sure that ideas worth spreading are heard. With a background in both live sound and web development, he is ready to tackle the many challenges that come with the job.


The Treasurer is responsible for the financial and administrative side of the event planning process. This includes a range of duties from budget management and handling contract and finance forms, to secretarial tasks such as taking minutes and scheduling meetings. The Treasurer is constantly working with the other teams, and liaising with the Student Union, to ensure that the most efficient and cost-worthy decisions are made. As such it is common for the Treasurer to get involved in the activities of each sub-team on top of the general matters of the society.

Alexandra SalibTreasurerwas also last year's Deputy Treasurer. Contrary to the belief that Treasury is all about paperwork and numbers, the role allows her to get involved in all aspects of planning and organizing. For Alex, the best part of the experience is the amazing variation that comes with being Treasurer, and being able to collaborate with a hard-working team to fulfill and realize the goals of TED.

License Holder

The License Holder is the primary organiser of a TEDx event and is ultimately responsible for ensuring that a TED-like experience is created; that great content is produced; that the rules and guidelines are followed, and that the TEDx vision is always celebrated and protected.

Ken PunterLicense Holderbecame the License Holder of TEDxWarwick after attending TEDGlobal in Edinburgh in 2013. He works in the Marketing and Communications team in the Engagement Group; as a permanent employee at the University he is able to provide continuity for the events from one year to the next.

Always interested in new ideas, Ken is a regular visitor to the TED site. The talks he particularly likes include those on education by former Warwick academic Sir Ken Robinson or those about the philosophy of everyday life by Alain de Botton.