2017 Team



“Hi we’re Gabriele and Rishi, and we’re the Coordinators of TEDxWarwick, meaning that we are responsible for the overall organisation of our events and work with all the teams comprising over 40 amazing people.”

Rishi: “Before being a part of TEDxWarwick, I had no idea how many different elements are involved in the organisation of a conference of this scale. Most people will be aware of the content team that find the speakers and develop the talks, but they may not realise that behind the scenes there different teams all working to organise various aspects of the event from registering 1200 people in half an hour to designing a stage that will be viewed online by millions of people. There are also teams who ensure the event’s success by securing sponsorships, attracting people to the event and designing our traditional magazine as a souvenir for each attendee.”

Gabriele: “This year was a steep learning curve for me, as this is probably the biggest group I have ever led. It is sometimes challenging to keep everyone motivated, but building relationships and trust proven to be the key success factors. I managed to further improved my adaptability and flexibility while dealing with unexpected challenges and issues and understood the crucial role of communication in any team.

“The TEDxWarwick team is made up of a diverse collection of some of the brightest and most passionate minds on campus. It is our job to bring all of these brilliant minds together, watching all of their hard work accumulate into one fantastic, once-in-a-lifetime event. We are all passionate about the TED ethos, which really unites us in different ways. There are numerous challenges along the way and no team is absolutely perfect but that what makes us learn and realise that it is also a beauty to it.”



“Hey, I’m Nikita and I’m the Director of Publications here at TEDxWarwick! The Publications team creates and produces the written content for the organisation - from running our TEDxBlog to contributing articles to the annual magazine. We put heavy emphasis on diversity of content and opinion, where Publications is constantly pioneering new, innovative ways to spread TED’s ethos. After working as the Publications Director, I realised that since writing is an art, it can be appreciated in many forms. As I edit most of the team’s articles, I learnt that you have to be open to other styles of writing, and how an individual’s flair is actually what makes an article. Publications is different from other teams in the sense that we have a weekly workload throughout the academic year, instead of peaking around TEDxWarwick’s events, therefore time-management and especially stress-management is very important. But our team is passionate and driven so things always run fairly smoothly. The Publications team comes together very well - everyone has their own experiences to bring to the table. Though we are a small team, we are able to communicate a wide range of ideas, and that inevitably brings us closer as we learn to appreciate each other. As writing is a largely independent activity, it’s important to trust and rely on one another, making Publications one of the closest teams on campus!”



“Hey, I’m David and I’m the Director of the Tech team at TEDxWarwick. In Tech, we manage the internal websites and tools including tedxwarwick.com and Podio, our collaboration portal, and issue and manage emails and remote storage (Google Drive). We’re essentially in-charge of internal communication - we make sure all systems are up and running so that the other teams can share and update their work. During events we manage lighting and filming, and the editing of the footage. We also set-up and run the ticketing, and liaise with Student Union’s finance department, which I suppose is my main take away from my time at TEDxWarwick - I’ve learnt about the best methods to go about creating efficient systems for our events, their features and their various pros and cons, which helped when we established and integrated a new ticketing system into our existing architecture. Our team is only small (3 people, actually), so we are quite close-knit and and work well together. There’s a strong sense of trust in our team so that we can all go about our work independently and act with our own initiative, so despite the seemingly heavy workload, we can easily get through our tasks.”

Corporate Relations


“Hey! I’m Eleanor and I’m the Deputy Director of Corporate Relations. Alongside Rohan (our Director), I am in charge of finding funds for the society through sponsorships. Corporate Relations is all about networking - we talk to loads of different people from so many different places, from the university to large firms in the City, all the way through to inspiring charities and associations who share the passions we do. On top of this, I am also the Treasurer for TEDxWarwick, where I am in charge of budgeting and speaker expenses. My admin-loving self really enjoys seeing everything come together because it is so important for everything to be managed well. Being part of the Corporate Relations team really boosts your confidence for presentations - although there are very few formal appearances, I used to be extremely shy when I first started out, but have now gained assurance in conversing in a whole range of scenarios. Corporate Relations has a really special bond and we work together to share our network of contacts, gaining the added advantage of being able to reach out to and establish a relationship with a host of important people.The wide variety of work and people also makes it a really fun team to be part of as you could be talking to someone new every day in order to secure the necessary funding for TEDxWarwick’s events.”



“Hey there! I'm Yasmine and I'm the Director of Marketing for TEDxWarwick 2017. Our team is in charge of both digital and physical marketing - we organize creative events, like the "Who Are You?" campaign we held in Term 1 or the advent calendar we created for Christmas, as well as engage with as many people as we can on social media. Marketing at TEDxWarwick is all about connecting with people, interacting with them and making sure they attend the best conference on campus! Working as Director of Marketing for TEDxWarwick has taught me a lot about time management and organization - it gets busy! It's given me more confidence to approach people, interact with them and express my opinions in a really encouraging environment. Most of all, it's taught me the importance of teamwork, trust, encouragement, motivation and dedication which I believe are what make the TEDxWarwick team shine! The marketing team holds some of the most creative, brightest, kind, and all around amazing people. They bring the most positive energy and freshest ideas to the team, and our meetings are always full of laughter and all around good vibes #marketingbanter. Even under stressful situations or during hours of strenuous flyering in the cold, they still manage to make it a lot of fun and often make me forget that we are actually doing work! Undoubtedly one my best experiences at university.”



“Hey, I’m Tom and I’m the Director of Content. Here at Content we collectively we research the speakers and ultimately choose them for the events. Throughout this process individual team members work with individual speakers and then we collectively read, review and adjust through collaborative script development. Personally, I’ve learnt about the importance of different opinion. The reason the content team works in particular, and what I’ve learnt is that the varying opinions, interests, beliefs, morals and everything else means that we have a diverse range of speakers and results in events being continuously successful. I’ve learnt to be patient, take all opinions into account and also the ability to take a step-back from a situation or remain calm and rational thinking during testing periods. We work very closely with one another, through that develop strong relationships within the group and have had a great year.TEDxWarwick is a community of diversity, which is an awesome place to expand your mind to new experiences, people and ideas. I am grateful for my dedicated team - teamwork makes the dream work. So as a final note, 1) make sure you run for a TEDxWarwick role and 2) shout-out to Heeral my co-director and then the whole of the content team; Zakiyya, Arman, Iulia, Bogi, Kiiru - you’re all beauties, thank you.”



“Hey, I'm Khushali Mehta, Director of Operations for TEDxWarwick 2017. The Operations team takes care of the logistical and strategic aspects of the conference, and also manages the backstage activities. A large part of our role involves communicating and liaising with other teams so strong and effective communication is absolutely essential. Organising the operations for one of the biggest TEDx events in Europe involves a lot of responsibility, but that's part of the excitement! Being part of Operations has shown me how logistics are so important and much more complex than what they might seem: preparation and pre-planning is key, and to make sure everything is done smoothly there needs to be a heavily detailed method and lots of double checking! The Operations team is heavy on responsibility, but our team - Joao, Mo, Justin, Jasmine and myself - has a broad set of skills which are able to complement each other in order to run TEDxWarwick’s events in the best way possible. Successfully ensuring that everything is done on time requires a lot of trust within team members and of course, hard work. The level of trust that has been built up within the team in such a short period of time is incredible and this has brought the team closer quite quickly! Overall, TEDxWarwick has contributed to the development of mature and successful personal and professional relationships and friendships.”



“Hi, I’m Una, and I’m the Deputy Director of the Creative team at TEDxWarwick. Here at Creative, we’re responsible for making sure that everything - from publicity material to the magazine - is visually pleasing. Our work includes all graphic design, i.e. flyers, posters, online content, conference magazine, as well as stage and venue design. We also deal with other media-related materials, including promotional videos and photographs. I’ve learnt a lot from my time at TEDxWarwick, from being able to effectively visualise, conceptualise and incarnate abstract themes and ideas, to how to market information with the packaging of graphic design. I’ve also gained first-hand knowledge about pragmatic issues encountered in the professional creative industry (i.e. formats of printing, liaising with companies etc.), and most importantly, the power of using simple designs to spread extraordinary messages. Our team believes in the power of impactful, compelling graphics to ensure TEDxWarwick's thought-provoking ideas are able to reach and engage a broader audience. Rightly named the CREATIVE team, we frequently engage in brainstorming sessions in which everyone is able to comfortably bounce ideas off one another to come up with great concepts. The creative team is not limited by technical skill sets, on the contrary, we value the ability to think out of the box and approach visual elements in a professional and eloquent manner.”