10 Years of TEDxWarwick

In 2008, students at the University of Warwick approached TED about organising a ‘mock’ TED event at Warwick. Coincidentally, at the time, TED was working on the launch of their then-new TEDx programme, and TEDxWarwick soon became an unofficial ‘beta partner’. Since the global launch of the TEDx programme in 2009, TEDxWarwick has grown significantly in size and stature, holding its 9th annual event in March 2017.

From the outset, TEDxWarwick has aimed to showcase an eclectic mix of inspirational, entertaining and thought-provoking talks and performances. True to the TED ethos of ‘Ideas Worth Spreading’, each year the team at TEDxWarwick actively seeks out the unconventional and the extraordinary.

The world is brimming with remarkable people. Our mission is, simply put, to provide the platform from which they can spread their idea freely with thousands of interested individuals across the globe. In 2011, Charlie Price demonstrated how we can get more out of less through aquaponics, providing a tantalising glimpse of a possible future food supply. David MacKay, speaking at TEDxWarwick 2012, addressed the renewable energy issue head-on by examining just what it takes to transition to a low-carbon economy. At TEDxWarwick 2013, Derek Paravicini, accompanied by mentor Adam Ockleford, brought our audience to its feet in applause with his breath-taking musical genius.

Since its inception as a relatively small-scale student event, TEDxWarwick has since expanded to become a full-day, 1,200-strong world-class conference attracting intellectually curious participants from across the UK and Europe. One thing is clear: the conversation doesn’t end there. By highlighting riveting ideas and making them accessible to both our attendees and anyone with an Internet connection, we hope to spark discussion and debate, provoke thought, and, ultimately, inspire all those around us to create a better and brighter world.