TEDxWarwick 2017: Breaking Boundaries
4th March 10:00 - 18:00 Butterworth Hall, Warwick Arts Centre

Why do Boundaries exist? Perhaps it is to limit. To protect. To control. To suffocate. It’s interesting to note that words that are synonymous with Boundaries — such as ‘barriers’, ‘partitions’ and ‘borders’ — allude to negation and disunity. Even more interesting, however, is that ‘verge’, ‘edge’ and ‘horizon’ — all possessing an optimistic connotation — are also equivalent.

In 2017, TEDxWarwick’s Breaking Boundaries celebrates the limitless. It endeavours to encompass innovative and thought-provoking ideas from a multitude of spheres through talks that go above and beyond the conventional. It aspires to carry us further than we’ve ever been, propelling us toward relentless improvement. It intends to facilitate our consciousness to accept and expand in an attempt to evolve. Why, you ask? To create. To connect. To grow. To thrive. Everything TED stands for.


A variety of ticket options will be provided when tickets go on sale in early term 2. Standard tickets will go on sale from the 31st January.

Standard - students and staff discount £18.00
Standard £23.00
Premium £27.00
Friends of TEDxWarwick £35.00


Our full speaker line up has now been announced!

Breakout sessions

Breakout sessions will take place during the lunch break. Entry is by registration only, this is limited in numbers and separate to your event ticket. All ticket holders will be emailed a link to register for these sessions.

Speaker Question Time Zachary Gold, Ed Charles, Sarah Shenker Woods-Scawen 30 mins

Some of our exciting speakers, including Ed Charles (Planet Earth II), Sarah Shenker (Uncontacted Tribes) and Zachary Gold (The Collapse of Public Opinion) will form a panel to answer your questions. Tweet them in during the day (#TEDxWarwickAsk) or simply ask them in person during the session.

The Business Advice You Probably Didn't Get Jack Romero Helen-Martin studio 45 mins

From a non-english speaking refugee to the founder of British Mediterranean Airways. Find out how Jack, coming from a non-expert background, leveraged specialist business skills to get his first £6 million investment led to an eventual £30m acquisition.

Draw Your Data Selfie Stefanie Posavec National Grid Room 45 mins

Stefanie brings data visualisation to life. She will then put this into action as everyone gets drawing and Stefanie will guide you through a system of rules that result in our own unique data selfies.

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